Georgian Trade Unions Confederation holds meetings in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, trade unions and various organizations operating in the field of labor

Georgian Trade Unions Confederation  is in Denmark to discuss/summarize the trade union activities of the two countries and to strengthen the future cooperation with Danish Trade Union Confederation.

Within the framework of the three-day visit, the delegation of the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation  held meetings both at the Confederation of Danish Trade Unions (FH) and the Danish Trade Union Development Agency (DTDA), as well as at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs/European Neighborhood Office/EUN, where Georgian Trade Unions Confederation  was informed about the process of Georgia’s integration into the European Union and they promised to support the necessary steps based on the status of the candidate. Also, the ways of cooperation with Georgian Trade Unions Confederation were discussed.

Regarding the meeting with the President of the Danish Trade Union Confederation, Morten Skov Christiansen, the parties talked about FH’s tripartite cooperation, sharing of Danish experience, development of social dialogue, the importance/necessity of labor safety, professional education and the challenges of the world’s employees.

Also, the representatives of the Danish Trade Union development agency shared their experience with Georgian Trade Unions Confederation and plans for deepening future cooperation in various directions were agreed upon.

Within the framework of the visit, the delegation of Georgian Trade Unions Confederation visited the training center of Danish Trade Unions. Meetings were held with the Danish employers’ association, various organizations and institutions operating in the field of labor and their visit to Georgia was planned in the near future.