Georgian Trade Unions Confederation hosted the two – day conference of “UNI GLOBAL UNION” in Tbilisi

Representatives of trade unions and global organizations participating in the meeting discussed the achievements, challenges, campaigns, sector news, which are important for people employed in the game business and in general, in various fields.

Raisa Lipartelian and Lavrenti Alania, deputy chairpersons of the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation, spoke about the importance of social dialogue and partnership. Labor conditions and rights in Georgia, pension system, sectoral challenges, women’s rights, conventions, facts of discrimination in workplaces, salary differences, achievements, campaigns, regulatory changes were discussed.

A panel discussion was held with Georgian Gambing Business Association

In Georgia, the employees in the gaming business, who are united in the ranks of the trade unions, in the sectoral organization of the union “Labor”, spoke about the challenges in their places of employment and the achievements they achieved after joining the trade unions

At the same time, the representatives of global unions participating in the conference shared the examples of their countries the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation in the part of employee’s rights.

“It is very important for us to hold this conference in Georgia. We are an organization that covers 150 countries, including Georgia. We are glad that we have a good partner organization in the form of trade unions. In general, we, “UNI GLOBAL UNION”, are a private services organization that covers various sectors including: finance, commerce, gaming sector, telecommunications and it is important to discuss the challenges that employees in these sectors face in order to solve them together.

People employed in the gaming sector, as well as in other sectors, must have decent wages and working conditions” – Giedre Lelit, UNI GLOBAL UNION.

The meeting was active and interesting.. Future plans for cooperation and steps to be taken to improve the rights of employees were drawn up.