GTUC celebrated the May 1

Georgian Trade Unions and youth organizations celebrated the May 1 – International Workers’ Day by organized street demonstrations. Several street processions amalgamated into single workers’ action in front of the Parliamentary building in Tbilisi, wrapping up by adoption of a joint manifest. Trade Unionists stated: `For Georgian workers, Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Georgia are associated to practical establishing principles of decent work and European standards for work safety`.

Georgian Trade Unions Confederation demands adoption of relevant legal amendments according to the International Labor Organization standards guaranteeing the social equality and decent work.

The manifest was elaborated jointly with several NGO’s and student organizations and its requirements fully correspond to the European labor standards.

`We need these standards to be implemented in daily practice – it is a minimal wage, unemployment benefit. The authorities should broaden the work protection constitutional guarantees while they are in process of elimination of the existing articles in the constitution. Also, we demand to abolish progressive taxes, stop persecution of trade unions and launch a true social dialogue`- Petriashvili stated. Protest manifestations overwhelmed the capital streets, the participants chanted -`Solidarity to Workers`.