Youth GTUC Participating in ITUC Congress

Trade unions and democracy, gender equality, human rights, social equality, future vision of the Trade Unions – this is the non-exhaustive list of important issues discussed at the 4th Congress of the International Trade Unions Confederation in Denmark, where Anano Bediashvili, young activist of Youth GTUC, together with the President of the GTUC is participating.

Anano Bediashvili had the honour to deliver the speech to the participants of the sub-plenary session. In her speech, the Georgian activist paid attention to the development of the left-wing leaders and campaigns organising.  She also emphasised the strikes and surveys conducted by the Youth GTUC in the supermarket chains with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

Anano Bediashvili is participant of the conference with the status of the advisor and as a Young Organiser of GOA. There are representatives of 328 Trade Union Confederations from 168 countries participating in the Conference, including Georgian Trade Union Confederation, that implies  up to 2000 delegates. The International Congress is hold in Copenhagen on 2 – 7 December.