Worker Dies in Chiatura’s Shukruti Mine

Georgian media reports that Zaza Abramishvili, a 45 year old miner, died in Shukruti mine in Georgia’s western town of Chiatura at around 5am this morning.

The accident was confirmed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. An investigation is underway under Article 240 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which pertains to the violation of safety rules.

Deputy Head of Georgian Trade Unions, Tamaz Dolaberidze, told media that the man was doing his work when the ceiling of the mine collapsed and he was caught in the ruins. He noted that in normal circumstances, the ceiling would have been supported by wooden pole but in this case it was not so.

“As the workers told me, the place is not safe. I have no idea why the mining company makes miners work in such places. I think getting manganese is more important to them than the lives and safety of their workers,” the Deputy Head of Georgian Trade Unions stated.

Georgian Manganese, a major producer of high-grade and regular-grade silico-manganese in Georgia, which carries out mining operation in seven mines and eight quarries, including Chiatura, has released a statement regarding the worker’s death.

The company confirmed there had been an accident, during which Zaza Abramishvili died, however, the company has not says the mine was inspected in January and there was no breach of safety norms.