Violence against women in the workplace is still the biggest challenge in Georgia

Gender-based violence in the workplace is still a big challenge. This is confirmed by a number of studies, including those conducted by the  Georgian Trade Unions Confederation. The union has been urging the state to take concrete steps to eliminate violence and harassment in the labor sphere for years. In addition, it  is actively involved in campaigns and events against violence against women. This year, as part of the 16-day campaign, which serves to raise awareness and covers the period from November 25 to December 10, the union will participate in the activities and implement them, because we believe that in order to eliminate violence, the power of  union is necessary.
The problem is that many women do not or cannot speak openly for fear of society’s perceptions and judgments.
At the initiative of the trade unions, the issue of ratifying the Convention #190 adopted by the ILO has been included in the agenda of the action plan of the tripartite commission of social partnership. The Convention affirms that everyone has the right to engage in work without any form of violence t and emphasizes that violence and harassment in the world of work is “a violation or abuse of human rights, it threatens equal opportunities, it is unacceptable and incompatible with decent work”.
The Convention applies to all employees, including those involved in informal work, and protects the employee in any place and situation . The Convention obliges to protect state employees also from violence and harassment coming from third parties (consumer, client, patient, beneficiary, etc.). The Convention defines “violence and harassment” as – “behavior, practices or threats intended to cause physical, psychological, sexual or economic harm.”
A study conducted by  Georgian Trade Unions Confederation  in the field of textile production revealed that 32.5% of employed women in Georgia are victims of harassment. This is the sector where such facts are most frequent. however,
many cases of harassment have been recorded in other areas as well.
Therefore, we remind you and urge you to speed up and timely support the ratification process of ILO Convention 190. This will be one of the effective tools at the first stage for women, that they  were protected from violence and harassment at workplaces.