Trade Union Condemns Events in Ukraine

Irakli Petriashvili, President of the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation, shares the difficult situation in the neighboring country. It is difficult to deal with the aggression that Georgia also suffered back in 2008.

“As it turns out, the concerns of the international community cannot stop this type of aggression. So the most effective step at this stage, perhaps, is the act of expressing the right position on the part of Russian citizens. The rhetoric and values of the 1930s cannot take precedence over human life. There is no doubt that the current events will have a negative impact on civilized and educated Russian citizens in the long run, ”said Irakli Petriashvili.

Given the situation in the neighboring country, communication took place between the leaders of the Ukrainian Trade Unions and the head of the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation.

Within the framework of the support, the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation is ready to provide citizens arrived from Ukraine and their families with accommodation and additional conditions.