The protest of truck drivers in Lilo

Truck drivers’ protest action continues at the Custom Clearance Zone of the Revenue Service in Lilo. The demonstrators are not planning to leave until the Minister of Finance satisfies their only demand to cancel the order on restricting the transfer of wheat.

The import of wheat by trucks was supposed to be banned from September 15, but it was extended until October 1, 2018. Under this regulation, drivers and entrepreneurs are not allowed to import wheat by trucks. According to the demonstrators, at least 10,000 people are involved in this business and will be left jobless as a result of the new regulation.

The Deputy Chairman of Trade Unions Mr. Lavrenti Alania and youth activists joined the workers today. They expressed their solidarity and support to the demonstrators. Trade Unions condemn the decision which makes the workers’ situation worse. It is necessary to find a compromise that does not leave people without any income.

If the main demand of the protesters is not satisfied tomorrow, they announce a large-scale demonstration at 6 pm. The Trade Unions will join the demonstration.