On January 30 of this year, at about 21:00, an industrial accident took place at the 2nd station of the Mindeli mine in Tkibuli – according to the available information, methane gas accumulated in the mine exploded during drilling and blasting works, as a result of which 9 miners received burn injuries. 3 of them did not need to be hospitalized, and 6 miners were taken to the relevant clinic in Tbilisi, but one of them died on arrival at the hospital.

The Georgian Trade Unions Confederation, as well as the Georgian Trade Union of Metallurgical, Mining and Chemical Industry Workers, extend their condolences to the family of the deceased miner, and wish the miners in the clinic a speedy recovery.

The Georgian Trade Union Confederation and the Sectoral Trade Union note that since October 2019, when Ltd.” Saknakhshiri’s” operator changed its position, its attitude towards coal mining and domestic industrial policy have changed completely – If the GIG Group focused on the large amount of ore mined during the operation of the plant, the domestic industrial policy of Ltd. “Coal of Georgia” was based entirely on the concept of safe mining.

According to our information, the miners’ brigade did not violate labour safety norms – the rules of installation of explosives in charcoal layers were strictly observed, the detonator power cord was of the required length and were in safe positions at the time of the explosion.

Georgian Trade Unions Confederation and trade unions believe that compliance with labour safety norms in the workplace is the N1 challenge, and whether a safety violator or a company representative is employed, the causes of the incident should be investigated as much as possible and both the guilt and the degree of guilt should be determined. Otherwise we will never be able to prevent accidents at workplaces.

The Labour Inspectorate has started the investigation of the fact operatively and local representatives of the trade union are also participating in the investigation process, therefore, if new details are found, the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation will be informed immediately.