Special statement on the developments in Armenia and Azerbaijan

The Georgian Trade Unions Confederation (with its multinational  representations, which includes members of both Azerbaijani and Armenian trade unions)  is  following with concern the developments in our neighboring and sister countries – Armenia and Azerbaijan. 
We are well aware of  how hard is unfair war with unequal warfare actions, with unequal military actions, with pain inflicted on and from the seized areas caused by loss, damages  and grief.  
It is the duty of the trade union, as a defender and supporter of all labour and fundamental rights of the workers, to call on the governments of our brotherly Armenia and Azerbaijan that hostilities, confrontations between peoples and countries can only bring devastating results to both countries.
The Georgian Trade Union Confederation calls on our brothers and sisters to draw the attention of  their  country’s authorities to the fact that war is not a solution to the problem, it only destroys the psyche of the people and the country and the Caucasus as a whole. We call on the trade unions of Armenia and Azerbaijan to support and promote in every possible way the dialogue, the negotiations, which will avoid large-scale confrontation in the region and will not turn our neighborhood into a battlefield. 
We want a peaceful Caucasus, without any military conflict. In the 21st century, it is impossible to calmly watch how innocent children die in a united Caucasian family, civilians die,  the future of the country is collapsing at a time when the importance of negotiation has no alternative to the peace achieved in this way.  
Please support of the initiatives of the Prime Minister of Georgia to offer Tbilisi as a place of negotiation in the peace format of both sides of the military conflict.
Together for a peaceful Caucasus!