“Saknakhshiri” and the trade union signed the collective agreement!

The purpose of the agreement is to ensure effective, harmonious cooperation between employer and employees, to create a stable environment for production processes and improve the socio-economic situation of the employees.

According to the collective agreement, the trade union has the role of mediator. On the one hand, it will protect the interests of the union members and on the other assist the employer in mobilizing trade union members to solve tasks in the enterprise successfully.

The trade union will be involved in consulting on organizational and structural changes that could have a material impact employees’ working conditions. It will also help the employer to raise the qualifications and awareness of the employees; Ensures that members fulfill their obligations under a collective agreement. In case the collective agreement is executed smoothly in the quarter (the agreement will not be violated by the trade union or its members) employees of the trade union member will receive 50 GEL in cash after the end of each quarter. From January 1 of each subsequent year the salaries of trade union members will be indexed according to the inflation, based on official Geostat data.

In addition, in collaboration with trade unions, the company will develop a social responsibility policy. Sports-recreational, cognitive and cultural events periodically will be held for the employees.

The agreement will enter into force on May 1, 2021. It has great importance in terms of creating a stable, harmonious work environment for both side for the employees and for the company.

Zurab Agdgomelashvili (General Director of Saknakhshiri): “On April 28, a collective agreement was signed between Saknakhshiri and trade union representatives. The management of the company is always ready for healthy business relations and taking care of improving the working environment with the employees. Therefore, for Saknakhshiri, this is another step forward and I am glad that a collective agreement was signed after the hard work and negotiations. I am sure that the cooperation between trade unions, employees and Saknakhshiri will be fruitful. The main thing is that the obligations are fulfilled honestly by both the company and the employees.”

Tamaz Dolaberidze (Deputy Chairman of the Trade Union Confederation): “This is the first time in the history of the Tkibuli Miners’ Trade Union, from 2010 to the present that the relationship between the trade union, the labor collective and the company will be subject to collective responsibilities. The collective agreement in addition of social benefits and legal guarantees, also contains the responsibilities of union members. That is, it is a mutually balanced agreement that should ensure the harmonization of labor relations between the employer and the employee, the spirit of the collective agreement provides for the improvement of socio-economic situation of the miners on the one hand and operation of the enterprise in a stable environment on the other. It should also be noted that throughout the collective bargaining process, the company leaders expressed the desire and readiness to conclude a collective agreement, which indicates that the quality of social dialogue with this company will continue to be high in the future and after the successful implementation of the above mentioned plans by the company, all collective agreements concluded in the future will be much higher value. However, of course, we, all together – the trade union, as an organization and the miners, as direct participants in the labor process, must make the maximum contribution to the successful implementation of the company’s plans. “