Protests of Miners in Tkibuli have been resumed

About 15 miners went down to Mindeli mine and the same number of miners went down to Dzidziguri mine, they refused to come out of the mines unless their current salaries are paid. 

“The miners, typically, were to be paid the salaries by September 15, although the company left the miners without pay by the beginning of the academic year, moreover, the representatives of the company cannot say for sure when the salaries will be paid. The miners are deprived the opportunity to fulfill their banking and utility obligations, that worsen their social status, they are imposed penalties on daily basis for overdue loan payment and their possibility to stay without natural gas and electricity supply is increasing” – is said in Metallurgy, Mining and Chemical Industry Workers` Trade Union.

Trade unions call on the Bank of Georgia, Energy Pro Georgia and SOCAR Gas to take into account the current situation and not to aggravate the social situation of Tkibuli residents. It also calls on the Government of Georgia to urgently accumulate funds for Tkibuli workers’ remuneration and inform miners about the plans of the Government and the company for the resumption of the coal mining process.