On April 28,2021, The agreement was reached between the administration of Ltd Georgian Manganese and the trade union.

After quite hard and long negotiations with the management of the company, where were involved the leadership of the Georgian Trade Union Confederation, as well as the representation of the sectoral and local trade union organizations, the agreement was reached on the following issues:

The Salaries of the employees of all facilities operating in Chiatura within the license of Ltd Georgian Manganese will be increased by GEL 250, filing in the basic tariff.

Four times a year, on Easter, St. Mary’s Day, St. George’s Day and Miner’s Day employees will be given 50 GEL in cash.

From May 1, 2021, the salaries of employees will be indexed by 5.2%, according to the 2020 inflation rate published by the National Statistics Office of Georgia.

From January of each following year, employees’ salaries will be indexed according to the previous year’s inflation rate published by the National Statistics Office of Georgia.

Regarding the 1st paragraph of the above-mentioned also was signed the separate agreement with the company, which includes the employees of Zestaponi Ferroalloy Plant, from May 1, 2021, the same like the miners from Chiatura, the salaries of Zestaponi metallurgists will increase by 250 GEL.

It is important to note that the rest of the social benefits achieved for the miners of Chiatura already have been provided for Zestaponi metallurgists by the collective agreement for several years.

In addition to the social benefits, the collective agreement provides for mutual responsibilities and obligations, which will further deepen and develop the social dialogue based on partnership principles.