Important Victory

Tbilisi Court of Appeal by 2018 February 20th decision annualed every illegally freed plantiff’s order about dismission from LTD Karmen.All of them were rehibilitated at work and the employer was tasked to pay compensation bacause of compulsorily wasted time from work.

After illegally dismission Trade-Union began negotiations with company demanding to rehibilitate employeds at work, though The Company disregarded Trade-Union’s demands. After that in 2016 Karmen’s primary Trade-Union Organization, Georgian Trade-Union ,union juridical department, branch agricultural light foodstuff industry and International foodstuff Trade-Union with supporting of IUF began fighting for Karmen’s freeds to rehibilitate the labour legal rights of Trade -Union’s members.

As a result after 2 syears fighting, the illegally freed workers by company will be rehabilitated and will get compensation from employer, because of disturbing from work compulsory. Their names are:

Zaqro Lekishvili,
Asmat Koranishvili,
Avto Muradashvili,
Manana Shavshishvili,
Tariel Ananiashvili,
Dali Zazadze,
Tariel Datashvili.

Georgian Agricultural light, foodstuff and manufacturing Industry workers’ independent trade-union thanks to all participants in process, Trade-Union and Trade-Union Organization