Even according to the of “IRI” , which is critical of Georgian Trade Unions Confederation, this year the public trusts trade unions more, is familiar with their activities and has a positive attitude towards the organization.

According to the “IRI” research,  26% of the public evaluates the activities of Georgian Trade Unions Confederation positively, which is significantly  increased rate compared to the previous year.

Despite the existing mistruth towards this institute, in their research, there is a positive of  increased awareness and reliability and that the course of reforms   (announced by the confederation president)  raising  awareness according to the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation activities and improving communication –  are important and number 1 priority of the organization.

According to the previous year’s research, the organization’s performance had a  reliability index of 16%, which increased by 10% this year and was determined by 26. The number of people who are critical of the work of Georgian Trade Unions  Confederation has also decreased. The assessment of  2 % of  the  people who were critical , has already been reflected positively this year and the 39% figure has dropped to 37%.  There is also an 8% increase in awareness rate, which shows that compared to last year, more people learned about trade unions and their activities.

According to the president of the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation, raising public awareness and slightly improving communication has resulted in an institution so hostile to the organization seeing a positive 10% increase in the evaluation of Trade Union performance.

In general, research shows, that compared to the previous year, the public trusts Georgian Trade Unions Confederation more, is familiar with its activities and has a positive attitude towards the organization. In the future, Georgian Trade Unions Confederation will continue to work in the direction of protecting the interests of employees and raising public awareness.