56 Azoti workers won the trial!

56 employees dismissed from Rustavi Azoti have won the trial in the Court of Appeals as well.

The Company was imposed to reinstate them to work and receive the missed pay for 22 months.

We would like to remind you that on 25 January 2017, the administration of JSC Rustavi Azot illegally dismissed 350 employees, 56 of which decided to sue the Company together with the Georgian Trade Union.

The dismissal of the employees led to the protest and during one month protesters demanded from the Company reinstating the dismissed employees to work, however the Company did not satisfy their demands and suggested them compensation in amount of 400 GEL for the period of two months. Part of the protesters accepted this compensation; however others decided to sue the Company in the Court together with the Georgian Trade Union.

Today effort of these 56 employees ended with the winning the trial.


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