27 May

ShareTweet The Strike of the workers of the “Borjomi”  factory is concluded.  Both factory will start  working at full capacity from tomorrow. After an 8-day full-strike,… ShareTweet

20 May

ShareTweet The Georgian Trade Unions Confederation has released information according to which 24 citizens who left Georgia for Germany for seasonal work are in the… ShareTweet

05 May

ShareTweet On May 3, 2021 The strike started on April 27 by the factory workers was ended by agreement with the administration of JSC “Rustavi… ShareTweet

05 May

ShareTweet After quite hard and long negotiations with the management of the company, where were involved the leadership of the Georgian Trade Union Confederation, as… ShareTweet

28 Apr

ShareTweet The purpose of the agreement is to ensure effective, harmonious cooperation between employer and employees, to create a stable environment for production processes and… ShareTweet

01 Apr

ShareTweet President of Georgian Trade Unions Confederation Irakli Petriashvili will head the Advisory Board under the Chief Labour… ShareTweet

04 Mar

ShareTweet It is being held within the framework of a joint project of the Georgian Trade Union Confederation (GTUC), the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), Friedrich… ShareTweet

01 Mar

ShareTweet The  European Regional Council of Trade Unions discussed the global challenges, the covid-19 pandemic and ways to… ShareTweet

01 Feb

ShareTweet A global trend analysis of the role of Trade Unions in times of Covid-19 – International Labour Organziation(ILO) new publication Trade unions should regard the… ShareTweet

22 Dec

ShareTweet The store manager has won a lawsuit against the company and will receive compensation in the amount of GEL 23,400. On August 8, 2018, completely… ShareTweet

26 Nov

ShareTweet The Georgian Trade Unions Confederation is involved in a 16-day campaign “ Violence Against Women”  through a  number of activities.  Today, the unions are… ShareTweet

13 Nov

ShareTweet Former employees of the “Georgian House” and trade union activists gathered near the 1st building of TSU and marched towards the Carrefour supermarket, where… ShareTweet

06 Nov

ShareTweet According to the November 4 decision of the Tbilisi City Court, the claim of T.M. was satisfied. According to the decision, the order (regarding… ShareTweet

29 Oct

ShareTweet Meat products company Georgian House (formerly Abd & Co.) was once again exposed for gross violations of employees’ rights. This Ukrainian-owned company offers tough… ShareTweet

21 Oct

ShareTweet The 15th Executive Committee of the Pan-European Trade Unions discussed the challenges facing the world of labour and the rising unemployment caused by the… ShareTweet

09 Oct

ShareTweet A memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation and the Georgian Mediators Association. The purpose of the memorandum is cooperation… ShareTweet

02 Oct

ShareTweet The Georgian Trade Unions Confederation (with its multinational  representations, which includes members of both Azerbaijani and… ShareTweet

24 Sep

ShareTweet The Austrian Government is ready to send high-ranking labour experts to Georgia and train labour inspectors in our country. The offer was made in… ShareTweet

15 Sep

ShareTweet The Pan-European Trade Union Steering Committee met to discuss  about the important issues and new challenges created by the pandemic. The meeting was led… ShareTweet

31 Jul

ShareTweet With great anxiety and concern, we witness renewed armed confrontations between Armenia and Azerbaijan that have led to human losses, including within the civilian… ShareTweet

04 Jul

ShareTweet I would like to greet you, participants of this unusual meeting. I would like to thank Guy Ryder, General Director of the International Labour… ShareTweet

04 Jul

ShareTweet This is the celebration day not just for American people, but also for all nations who strive for Democracy and Independence. We are pleased to… ShareTweet

29 Jun

ShareTweet On  June  26,  in  Kutaisi  was held Kutaisi Trade Union School closing event, within the project of the Austrian Development Agency, the Friedrich Ebert… ShareTweet

19 Jun

ShareTweet Negotiations were held  between the trade unions and the administration of  the agrarian market. Against the background of the meeting, verbal  and  written demands, … ShareTweet

15 Jun

ShareTweet Employees need this  notice  to receive compensation from the state because of the pandemic, but despite attempts of  negotiation  and sending  letter,  the employer … ShareTweet

11 Jun

ShareTweet One more  accident at work.  A worker fell from a construction in Marneuli and died on the place. This is the 12th case of… ShareTweet

11 Jun

ShareTweet The company “Agar Sugar” has resumed work at full capacity. More than 500 people are employed in the manufacture. Most of the employees are… ShareTweet

06 Apr

ShareTweet Statement on the COVID-19 crisis by the Pan-European Regional Council (PERC) of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) ShareTweet

07 Feb

ShareTweet Fifty-six former employees of a nitrogen factory in Rustavi, a city 20 km south of the Georgian capital Tbilisi, have won back their jobs after… ShareTweet

09 Dec

ShareTweet Trade Union of Georgia held presentation of research prepared on enforcement of labor rights in the fields of textile and trade. The research was… ShareTweet