The Unions Have Won a Lawsuit Against “Evex Hospitals”

The unions have won a lawsuit against “Evex Hospitals”.  Doctor Nana Rurua was addressed  to the Trade Union for help, because she was illegally dismissed of the JSC. “Evex Hospitals”  (in the past as a “M.Iashvili Central Children’s Hospital”).  Nana Rurua  since 2004  “M.Iashvili Central Children’s Hospital”,  today already JSC  “Evex Hospitals”, worked on the position of an emergency medical doctor with a permanent employment contract.

In November 2017, the staff of the clinic  spread  information about the “list of people to be released”. It was completely unknown to the employees what the motive was, who and how many people could be have been fired. Nana Rurua expressed her dissatisfaction with the management of the clinic and asked for a solution to the problem. On December 1, the doctor was fired.

I court, the interests of the victim were defended by the lawyer of the trade union, Tamar Surmava

The fact of Nana Rurua’s dismissal was confirmed by the court of all three instances. By decision of March 4, 2022, the doctor’s dismissal order was revoked by the clinic. In addition, the company was ordered to pay a substantial sum of money in compensation to the victim, JSC “Evex Hospitals” (“Iashvili Hospital”).